• Three Undeniable Benefits of a Fast E-Commerce Website


    You’ve recently launched an incredibly designed e-commerce website and built an extensive marketing plan. However, it isn’t long until you realize that site visits are low, bounce rates are high and customers aren’t coming back. A quick survey of your site leads you to one issue: your website is very slow. But how much does […]

  • ServerGrove Down – What Are Your Options


    ServerGrove went down this morning around 5am central. No notification. No warning. No response. No nothing. If you were like one of our clients, you were left stranded with little to no hope of seeing your website again. Getting the files was pretty much a lost cause. Your Options If ServerGrove Comes Back Online First, […]

  • Five Reasons Why Red Wagon Hosting Offers More Value


    Five Reasons Why Red Wagon Hosting Offers More Value Hosting is the place where your files that make up your website reside. A typical website owner may not know the difference in hosting providers. It can get somewhat complex, depending on the provider’s price point and the service they provide. A Red Wagon Hosting plan offers […]

  • Move Your Website to Red Wagon Hosting


    Why Do I Need to Move My Website? You spend a lot of time and money on your website. When it runs slow it can be frustrating for you and even more so for your customers. Red Wagon is an optimized, out-of-the-box hosting solution to speed up your website so your customers can quickly get […]

  • Payments with Square in Magento


    Square Card Reader and POS Square Up is a magstripe card reader used to help small businesses accept credit cards anywhere. With a quick swipe of the card through the card reader, your business gets paid fast and easy. Because it also offers a POS (point of sale) system, this payment method makes it easy for a […]

  • Point of Sale System to Magento


    Point of Sale to Magento A POS (point of sale) system is a great way to manage your sales, multiple brick and mortar stores, product inventory and reporting. We believe that an online store shouldn’t make you sacrifice the benefits of your POS by having a second system (a website). Where possible, integrating your point […]

  • Chris Stapleton Theme


    Capitol Records gave me the opportunity to build a parent/child theme on WordPress for several of their artists. I recently heightened the functionality of this theme and created a child theme for their upcoming artist (who is awesome by the way), Chris Stapleton. You can check out the website and below I have a few […]

  • Beauty Pitch Website


    Recently I had the opportunity to build a website for the folks over at Egg to Apples. The website was a little unique in that it provides an entry for businesses who want to work with an investor, similar to Shark Tank®. The competition is for beauty products and ideas. While the majority of the […]

  • The Floor Project


    Custom Magento Theme and Website The Floor Project asked me to a redesign and redevelopment of their website. It came with a couple of hurdles and special requests that were good tools to add to the tool belt. Import products from a custom XML structure at a third-party website Limit cart to a certain number […]

  • Magento SEO Redesign


    A Redesign Focused on SEO It is not very uncommon to be asked to redesign a website for SEO reasons. Sometimes the hierarchy of the website isn’t that great, the website isn’t very fast because it has too many images, it needs more text on the homepage to explain what the product or service is, or it […]