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  • iostudio & ioUniversity

    Over the past year I have been enrolled in the ioUniversity, a Nashville-based program to encourage growth in every aspect of my field, creative, account interaction and project management. This is a four-year program which also emphasizes the four points of completing a project, which iostudio calls the four D’s: discovery, documentation, development, and deployment. I thought fit to share, as […]

  • Customizing Magento Local.xml

    Bewildered by the local.xml file? I once was as well. Take a visit to the article know when to properly use local.xml. to learn more. Local.xml is the bottom line for placing elements and ordering them in your theme. Let me take a step back and explain how this works. Please note that I couldn’t […]

  • Underscrub

    Underscrub was a quick, custom Magento project. It was a fairly straight-forward web store that involved some customization, like both a vertical navigation and horizontal, top navigation. Underscrub Magento Homepage [line] Underscrub Interior Page approved dosage by doctors healthy people, and 5mg of seniors and malnourished patients, as well as those with renal system failure. […]

  • Setting Up Magento

    Preface The first thing you should know about Magento is the documentation sucks. About a year and a half ago when I built my first Magento site, I swore I’d write better documentation on exactly what I had to do to get the job done. It was a total nightmare. After much laboring, confusion, and Googling the […]

  • Localbnd

    Localbnd is a social discovery platform for the best in local independent music. Find, rate, and share the highest quality, most relevant, independent music within your city and geographic region. Designed by David Higdon, Localbnd’s development is based on the Launch Effect theme and includes a custom lightbox that pops up as you enter your email. It tracks […]

  • 12th and Porter Calendar

    12th and Porter Calendar Popular music venue, 12th and Porter, recently needed some updates to their calendar. This was a fun, quick project that uses the Ticketmaster API to sell their tickets and enter their events. Using JSON to get the information from the Ticketweb platform, I was able to quickly pull in the necessary […]

  • CrowdFlower API

    What is CrowdFlower? Glad you asked. In a nutshell, CrowdFlower allows you to easily manage, pay and task outsourced employees. I could log into CrowdFlower and add 10 tasks, to which my employees would see and complete these tasks to earn task-based compensation. They offer a professional, organized way of doing business. In this particular […]

  • IM4U Blog

    About IM4U IM4U is an entity of Uncle Jim Productions. Uncle Jim, aka Jim Mayer of the Coral Reefers, is a children’s artists. Jim plays all over the world as both Uncle Jim and with international sensation Jimmy Buffett. The Project The website’s focus is the blog. It is a category-driven piece with archives of […]

  • The Outpost Armory

    About The Outpost Armory From the website, “We opened The Outpost Armory to provide both the novice and expert alike with the best products and service available anywhere. We strive to provide more selection than the big chain stores without compromising the knowledge and the service you should expect from a small gun shop. We […]

  • Belle Meade Winery

    About the Belle Meade Winery As the premier thoroughbred racing and breeding farm in the South for over a century, Belle Meade Plantation was the center of hospitality in the 1800s. Five United States presidents have enjoyed the renowned hospitality of the Harding and Jackson families, and the 5,400 acres that made up the Plantation […]