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Used by 25% of all new domains registered, WordPress is an open source content management system framework.

  • Five Reasons Why Red Wagon Hosting Offers More Value

    Five Reasons Why Red Wagon Hosting Offers More Value Hosting is the place where your files that make up your website reside. A typical website owner may not know the difference in hosting providers. It can get somewhat complex, depending on the provider’s price point and the service they provide. A Red Wagon Hosting plan offers […]

  • Chris Stapleton Theme

    Capitol Records gave me the opportunity to build a parent/child theme on WordPress for several of their artists. I recently heightened the functionality of this theme and created a child theme for their upcoming artist (who is awesome by the way), Chris Stapleton. You can check out the website and below I have a few […]

  • Beauty Pitch Website

    Recently I had the opportunity to build a website for the folks over at Egg to Apples. The website was a little unique in that it provides an entry for businesses who want to work with an investor, similar to Shark Tank®. The competition is for beauty products and ideas. While the majority of the […]

  • Magento Redesign

    Not every project needs to be a huge ordeal. Sometimes a little facelift can go a long way with increasing your professionalism and making your clients feel good about your brand. We do a substantial amount of our work for advertising agencies, branding companies and other creatives who need development work. In this project, we […]

  • Capital Records New Artist Template

    A record label needs to be able to push out new artists websites quickly and promote them affordably. Capital Records needed a solution where they could do just that. We settled on WordPress for the content management system and build a theme where the assets could easily be uploaded, text could quickly be changed and CSS […]

  • API for PDF Generation

    Recently I had the opportunity to work on a cool project for Performance Associates, a company who constructs character tests for companies and schools. The project requirement was a third party would send me data and I would need to place it into a PDF, specifically designed for multiple clients. I used Symfony2 to create […]

  • New Website Launch

    They say the shoe maker’s children have no shoes. I’m happy to say mine finally have shoes. I’m happy to launch the new website. Take a look around, see our new clients and then let’s get started on yours! recommended dose by doctors fit clients, and 5mg of the elderly and malnourished people, together with those […]

  • Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse – A Responsive Website

    I have a lot of meetings at the Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse. Its walking distance from my house. Local business projects probably excite me the most because the results are there in front of you. Since I’ve been in Nashville and doing web design, I’ve lived in the Belmont / 12th South neighborhood, so when I […]

  • Encore Bridal – A New Magento Website

    Launching a New Magento Store Going live with a new website always feels good but this one was exceptionally special. Encore Bridal is the first website I’ve launched for Proof Branding, a Nashville Design and Branding Company. After several months and inheriting a mess from the previous two developers this project started a good relationship […]

  • Updating the Permalinks – Fixing Your Social Sharing Count

    If you’ll remember, WordPress updated its permalink structure back around version 3 or 3.1. Prior to this a lot of folks were using the /%category%/%postname%/ structure. It was really slow and caused an excess amount of queries in order to generate the pages, so WordPress began pushing for the /%postname%/ structure. This morning I had […]