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Used by 25% of all new domains registered, WordPress is an open source content management system framework.

  • Nashville Web Design | WordPress Page Builder vs Custom Code

    I get it. Writing custom code is hard. It takes longer. It’s expensive. You can get a template code builder off the shelf, drag and drop a few things, and boom, you’ve got a pretty design.  There are so many page builder choices out there like Visual Composer, Elementor, and Beaver Builder is a common […]

  • Is your site speed affecting your conversion rate?

    We all know that website speed is important for the customer’s overall experience. But could a slow speed be costing you sales?  The short answer: Yes. According to Search Engine Journal, almost 70% of customers say website speed affects their willingness to buy a product. In fact, if your website takes more than three seconds […]

  • Top Three Website Speed Tests

    We’ve all stared at our screen waiting for a painfully slow website to load. Whether you waited or left the website altogether — your overall experience was likely tainted by the poor load time.  When it comes to an e-commerce site, a fast website matters (a lot). When your website fails to load quickly:  Google […]

  • Five Questions to Make Your Website More Effective

    Five Questions to Make Your Website More Effective [+] FREE Checklist Making changes to your website can seem like an overwhelming task, even for the most experienced marketers. When it comes to your website, it can be hard to decipher what is working and what you should improve. We often hear, “I need a new […]

  • Three Simple Ways to Build Rapport with Your Customers

    Growing your e-commerce business is a lot more than gaining new customers. Are new customers important? Definitely. However, return shoppers can account for over double your total revenue. While you may be spending hefty marketing dollars on directing new people to your site, it’s probably time to look at building up your return customers. We’ve […]

  • Five Reasons Why Red Wagon Hosting Offers More Value

    Five Reasons Why Red Wagon Hosting Offers More Value Hosting is the place where your files that make up your website reside. A typical website owner may not know the difference in hosting providers. It can get somewhat complex, depending on the provider’s price point and the service they provide. A Red Wagon Hosting plan offers […]

  • Chris Stapleton Theme

    Capitol Records gave me the opportunity to build a parent/child theme on WordPress for several of their artists. I recently heightened the functionality of this theme and created a child theme for their upcoming artist (who is awesome by the way), Chris Stapleton. You can check out the website and below I have a few […]

  • Beauty Pitch Website

    Recently I had the opportunity to build a website for the folks over at Egg to Apples. The website was a little unique in that it provides an entry for businesses who want to work with an investor, similar to Shark Tank®. The competition is for beauty products and ideas. While the majority of the […]

  • Magento Redesign

    Not every project needs to be a huge ordeal. Sometimes a little facelift can go a long way with increasing your professionalism and making your clients feel good about your brand. As Magento developers, we do a substantial amount of our work for advertising agencies, branding companies and other creatives who need development work. In […]

  • API for PDF Generation

    Recently I had the opportunity to work on a cool project for Performance Associates, a company who constructs character tests for companies and schools. The project requirement was a third party would send me data and I would need to place it into a PDF, specifically designed for multiple clients. I used Symfony2 to create […]