how much does a website cost

There are several factors that go into the question ‘how much does a website cost?‘. Most graphic designers and web developers have a base price and then other factors add or decrease from this price. A Nashville web design studio that recently got bought out said this: It’s kind of like asking how much an employee costs. An employee’s cost depends on their role, their value to the organization as well as their experience and level of expertise. Brand strategy, websites and other design products are no different. 

The base price of a website is about $3K. A small business that needs to get their information out there and have people contact them to request a quote is an ideal scenario for this price. This often includes a small content management system where the client can go in and make updates to their text. A WordPress-based solution makes this type of pricing possible. An e-commerce website, however, may cost anywhere from $10K to $30K, depending on its size and customization.

Functionality Adds to Website Costs

Functionality is a big part of a websites cost. The more it does, the more it costs. A website that needs users to log in, pay a price for their services, an e-commerce web store and/or has a full content management system for content updates will cost more than a small website that just gives information to visitors.

Branding is a Large Website Service

Branding is the most expensive aspect of a website. A new business without a logo or a look and feel can drive costs up, as most of the assets are reusable for years. Branding usually involves pulling in additional teammates in order to give the client the best experience.

The best type of relationship is a partnership, rather than a one-off task.


WordPress websites require regular updates and maintenance. To ensure that the website is secure and optimized, I offer maintenance plans. As I mentioned, a relationship is usually the cheapest and best route to measure success. Costs can get much higher for regular updates and routine maintenance if no plan is in place to guarantee efficiency and future costs.


Your website has to live somewhere. I always prefer to host websites that I work on or maintain. Hosting a website isn’t much of a money-maker but its like cooking in your own kitchen – you just know where everything is and it makes your job much easier.

You can learn more about hosting and maintenances packages on the pricing plans page.

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