• Nashville Web Design | Get more traffic with Search Engine Optimization

    Magento offers a few easy things you can take advantage of to improve your search engine rankings. This will help you get more traffic to your site which means more sales. Improve Magento metadata Metadata is accessible to search crawlers and is contained in the website’s source code. Though clients can view it in the […]

  • Nashville Web Design | Boost the value of your orders

    Increase Average Order Value (AOV) Average Order Value is the price of your average order. If you have a $1,000 sale and a $2,000 sale your AOV is $1,500. Increasing the AOV is like a pay raise. It means more revenue without more customers or higher customer acquisition costs. Magento offers several ways you can […]

  • Nashville Web Design | Improve your conversion rate by optimizing performance

    How quickly your website loads factors into your conversion rate, bounce rate, and search engine rankings.  Studies show that after two seconds customers are impatient and may leave. A one-second delay can affect your conversion rate by 7%, customers are 13% more likely to immediately bounce from your site with every additional second, and all […]

  • Does StoryBrand Website Design Conflict with SEO?

    We often get questions about how the concept of using StoryBrand website design conflicts with search engine optimization or marketing principles in general. When you remove content, simplify the message, and likely use fewer search keywords it creates friction with using specific search terms and more content on a page for the search engine. The […]

  • Nashville Web Design | Keep your store secure

    This may seem odd or out of place but let me assure you keeping your store safe is one of the best ways to help your sales and bottom line. Several bad things happen when a website is hacked. Most of the time the hacker is stealing your customer’s credit card information. Your customers will […]

  • Choosing a Nashville Web Design Marketing Partner

    Many business owners are tired of going from marketer to marketer, being sold hopes and dreams that are just never delivered. It’s frustrating to go through the process of finding someone and it not working or getting resolved. Your marketing group should be a partnership and when it doesn’t work it is no different than […]

  • Nashville Web Design | Growth is Just around the Corner

    Keep going just a little further and you will find growth is just around the corner, especially when you make the right move and work with the Nashville web design services provided by the Bennett Web Group. Working with us is the best way to grow your online presence with a great website and marketing […]

  • Franklin Digital Web Design does consistent content marketing

    Our Franklin digital web design shop strives to create content consistently. Every day is a matter of making changes and improvements that continue to push us up into the best web design in Franklin Tennessee. With our marketing strategies, we are not a black box where we hide everything that we are doing because it […]

  • Nashville Web Design | Business Owners Love Our Culture

    Nashville businesses, we know you have a lot of options to choose from, but working with our Nashville web design company is a different experience. I’ll stop short of saying we are awesome but once we work with you, we’re confident you’ll go the rest of the way and let us know. We want to […]

  • Nashville Web Design | Hitting Your Goals

    Our Nashville web design group really wants to work with you. You can come visit us here at our office in Franklin or we come to you. We wanna be able to show you all the beautiful websites that we have built and how it can impact your business. You can let us know what […]