Over the past year I have been enrolled in the ioUniversity, a Nashville-based program to encourage growth in every aspect of my field, creative, account interaction and project management. This is a four-year program which also emphasizes the four points of completing a project, which iostudio calls the four D’s: discovery, documentation, development, and deployment.

I thought fit to share, as these points directly speak about a web project.


During the discovery phase, a meeting is set with the respective parties and conversation engages to better understand the end-goal of the project. At iostudio, this usually consists of key players, like the creative director, account executive and the project manager. At this point, the client should be able to speak freely and together, a collective understanding and agreement of the end-goal should be discovered.


On a large-scale project, this is the key phase. It’s important on all projects, but since iostudio doesn’t do many small projects, it becomes increasingly important for the larger ones. Here, everything that has a process should be written down. A detailed or simple sitemap, the scope of the project, the processes and the development plan are good examples.iostudio-&-ioUniversity


During the development phase, the project is designed. Graphics are presented. Once approved, the project is developed. Code is written and the backend or content management system is programmed.


The final step is pushing the project live and walking the client through the necessary information. If a CMS is built, the user will be shown how to use it. Reporting and any followup is continued as agreed upon. Here, it is most important for the relationship to continue and content to flourish, as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is built.suggested dose by doctors fit people, and 5mg of the elderly and malnourished patients, along with those with liver failure. The tablet is recommended to be taken buy medications shop just before going to bed.