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Your Guide to Online Sales

Business E-Commerce

When it comes to selling products or your services online, all websites are not created equally. If you have experienced frustration from customers not buying, our team is here to look over your data and help guide you. We offer a 5-step plan to help assess, plan, design and develop your website, then engage your customers.

Agency White Label

Good website development is technical, stressful and comes with great expense. With a background in complex development solutions, we help advertising agencies, graphic designers and branding companies in need of ongoing or occasional development services.

On-Going Solutions

If you don’t always have tasks for a developer, but need someone you can count on to step in for periods of time, we’re here to assist. While we do a lot of work in Magento and WordPress, putting you in a box is not what we do. Out of the box solutions like Symfony and Laravel allow us to build scalable internal networks and applications.

Let’s Get Started

Our History

With over 10 years of development experience, we offer trusted and experienced development available for massive scalability to ensure that your project gets the same attention and treatment as any major shop would give, without the hassle of hiring developers to work on different frameworks.

While design, development, implementing, hosting and maintaining websites is the primary work of our Nashville web design studio, each part of the process goes much more in-depth and, depending on the projects, often results in different paths of development and needs.

Business Website Development

Do you need a informational website where you can update your content on occasion? What about an e-commerce site with hundreds of products? Do you have thousands of products that you need to be imported into your online store on a daily basis? Local coffee shops, advertising agencies, online stores with 30 to 15,000 products (from baby clothes to wallpaper) are part of our resume.

Agency Development

Do you have a creative team but need developers who specialize in a lot of different technologies? It can get expensive to have multiple developers on staff and one developer can only handle so many hours before getting burned out or need a raise as the skill set increases. With specialties in Magento, WordPress, Symfony2 (a framework for out-of-the-box solutions) and a wealth of other experience, we service several agencies at special, affordable rates so you can make money off of development too.

  • Weekly or monthly hours
  • Project-by-project estimates
  • One point of contact as a developer and project manager
  • Code versioning and reviews

Out of the Box Solutions

Something off the shelf doesn’t always work for everyone and that is okay. The right solution is the solution that works for you. We ask new clients what they need and why they need it. A better understanding of what you need and how you are going to use the solution helps to ensure you get exactly what you need.

  • API development
  • Custom content management systems
  • Print designs (brochures, business cards, info graphics)

Mobile Application Development

We build native mobile applications so that your online data can be reused for your mobile application. This helps reduce the need to bother the user with updates.

  • Graphic design
  • iPhone
  • iPad
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