Take the Hassle Out of Websites

With over 10 years of development experience, we offer trusted and experienced development available for massive scalability to ensure that your project gets the same attention and treatment as any major shop would give, without the hassle of hiring developers to work on different frameworks.

While design, development, implementing, hosting and maintaining websites is the primary work of my Nashville web design studio, each part of the process goes much more in-depth and, depending on the projects, often results in different paths of development and needs.

Business Website Development

Do you need a brochure, informational website where you can update your content on occasion? What about an e-commerce site with hundreds of products? Do you have thousands of products that you need to be imported into your online store on a daily basis? Local coffee shops, advertising agencies, online stores with 3o to 15,000 products (from baby clothes to wallpaper) are part of our resume.

  • Magento Commerce
  • WordPress
  • FoxyCart
  • Lemonstand
  • Squirrelcart
  • WooCommerce
  • Responsive themes

Agency Development

Do you have a creative team but need developers who specialize in a lot of different technologies? It can get expensive to have multiple developers on staff and one developer can only handle so many hours before getting burned out or need a raise as the skill set increases. With specialties in Magento, WordPress, Symfony2 (a framework for out-of-the-box solutions) and a wealth of other experience, we service several agencies at special, affordable rates so you can make money off of development too.

  • Weekly or monthly hours
  • Project-by-project estimates
  • One point of contact as a developer and project manager
  • Code versioning and reviews

Out of the Box Solutions

Something off the shelf doesn’t always work for everyone and that is okay. The right solution is the solution that works for you. We ask new clients what they need and why they need it. A better understanding of what you need and how you are going to use the solution helps to ensure you get exactly what you need.

  • API development
  • Custom content management systems
  • Print designs (brochures, business cards, info graphics)

Mobile Application Development

We build native mobile applications so that your online data can be reused for your mobile application. This helps reduce the need to bother the user with updates.

  • Graphic design
  • iPhone
  • iPad

Learn More About Each Phase of a Project


Hosting is like land. If you are building a house (or a website) you’ve got to put it somewhere. Your domain (www.example.com) is like the title the house, or what they call your estate, but you’ve got to park it somewhere. In the case of hosting, your images and files of the source code are going to sit on the server.

Hosting is not a big money-maker but we prefer if you host with us. You would prefer to cook in your own kitchen wouldn’t you? You know right where your pots, seasoning and utensils are. Hosting is the same way. People often ask why use my servers instead of giants like GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Other than my services and solutions being local, my servers are based on premium hosting provider Media Temple, giving you great services and the best quality at discount prices.

Discovery & Documentation

This is the most part of the overall process. During the discovery, a conversation with the company and the client happens to determine the goals of the project. While having a clean, concise design is important, getting the user to your registration, request a quote, or product page is most likely the real goal of your website. The discovery and the processes that follow should be properly documented to ensure everyone is on the same page. Since this process involves fewer members of a team, documentation and meetings involve fewer individuals and have to trade to fewer hands, therefore decreasing costs.

Graphic Design

The graphic design is the actual look of the project. Nashville website design studios are popping up everywhere with extremely talented designers. Unfortunately, many of these designers come from a print background or are half-baked front-end developers and can design something pretty but after a while of use it becomes apparent that it is not optimized for the interactive experience. Not to mention poor coding can decrease search engine optimization, while a poor design can focus on the wrong goals or worse, not be optimized for the normal user.

Front-end Development

Possibly my favorite part of the equation is the development. Front-end development is the part where the design turns into code and begins to function on the screen. The markup is created here and is critical for creating an website that can be expandable, added onto and modified later. Responsive design also begins during the development stage to allow for an optimized experience when viewing a website on a mobile device.


Programming is considered heavy development. Very large projects that involve a lot of functionality need programmers. If you don’t understand it, do you think an account staff at most web companies can? Again, another way to cut out the middle man and let the developer do the work or bring in a contractor to suit your needs.

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system is a platform built to allow you to update your own content. Not all projects need this and often times the client does not want to update their own content, but it is a very nice asset to a website for future maintenance.

WordPress is often the go-to CMS for most small business owners or projects without intense functionality. WordPress is an open source framework that is sweeping through the development world. More specifically, it is an easy-to-use content management system that quickly allows for users to add their own news, blogs, or pages. You can see some of the work I’ve done in WordPress in my portfolio and updates section.

Other frameworks are used for larger projects, depending on its needs. We specialize in the Symfony Framework and Magento Commerce, which is an e-commerce platform built on the ZEND Framework.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO if often viewed as voodoo. Most people in the website design industry don’t even understand it. You can Google around and find some techniques that people use, but you can sum it up that there are two things that we can control, the markup and content of your website and how many back-links there are to it. We do not do back-linking in our Nashville web design studio but do work with some of the finest experts. We’ll ensure your markup, content and data are optimized and ready to go when we put you in touch with Fortune-500 working search engine optimization specialists.


I believe it’s important to keep you up and running like a tuned car. A website is like a magazine. If you’ve seen it a few times, you get tired of it if it doesn’t have new content and fresh features. Most people aren’t browsing around looking at the fine details of your website, their looking at the beef, or the content.

There are several plans in place to ensure your website and content management system stay up to date, including a Security and Performance package, which makes sure you’ve got the latest version of the tools that your website was built with. Also, the Full Enhancement plan is available to keep new tools in your arsenal, so you can continue to make changes quickly and easily, while getting the most out of it. Often times these updates help search engine optimization as well.

Mobile App Development

Did you know that mobile devices and their web use is growing over 200x faster than the web did? Last year it was reported that 23% of all traffic is viewed from a mobile device. Having a mobile application makes perfect sense for some projects and a mobile-ready, mobile optimized website is a must for everyone!

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