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Five Reasons Why Red Wagon Hosting Offers More Value

Hosting is the place where your files that make up your website reside. A typical website owner may not know the difference in hosting providers. It can get somewhat complex, depending on the provider’s price point and the service they provide. A Red Wagon Hosting plan offers value found outside of any other typical hosting service. We have broken down the key areas here.

Our Setup and Servers are Managed

A managed plan means you don’t need a control panel. We set up secure access to the code and install an optimized version of WordPress. As a customer, you still have your WordPress admin area and we can whitelist your local internet address to give your or a developer access to your database. Any other needs typically go through my Red Wagon, providing confidence that your website is set up in the best, most secure way. Your billing, services and support tickets are managed through a separate system to ensure you can easily access all of your information.

Your Website Loads Faster

The servers are set up specifically for WordPress. Several methods and techniques are used exclusively for the platform. One way we speed up your website is by using various levels of caching to speed up the load time and better interact with WordPress. Caching is when a copy of the website is stored and can then be quickly handed to your visitors. Memcache, Redis, FastCGI, and a tuned W3 Total Cache strategy are a few of our tools.

In addition to caching, the engine that makes the code run is tuned for WordPress behavior. We have picked this specific engine and the database explicitly for WordPress. The engine’s configuration, the code language version, and data storage are all for WordPress. Finally, we tune and tweak our configuration each month to ensure it is running as quickly as possible.

We Value Your Security

Did you know over 70% of WordPress websites were hacked in 2016? While we fix many hacks a year from other providers, we do not enjoy it. Hacking a website is unfair to you and your customers and is a practice we frown upon. Nonetheless, it is very common.

People hack for several reasons: to gain access to send spam emails, to promote their own websites through SEO, to steal your customer’s information, or to be cruel. With our hosting plans, the servers are locked down and do not have applications that open up vulnerabilities. It blocks bots from repeatedly trying to hack your website. Virus and malware scans are run regularly. Additionally, a soft firewall is in place to prevent common hacking activity and DDoS attacks.

Our Servers Are Not Crowded

Really large hosting companies that sell “shared” hosting plans like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, 1and1 oversell their hosting space. As an example, a single GoDaddy server has over 6,500 websites on it. Those websites are sharing your resources, meaning if they get hammered with traffic and go down, you can go down too.

We Save You Time

WordPress, plugins, themes, database and the server packages are backed and upgraded up nightly automatically! This means no more risks of hacks because you forgot to update your system. When your website is set up, we install and configure your cache and system so you don’t have to. Additionally, we migrate your website to our servers at no charge.

In conclusion, we provide value for hosting. When you select a hosting provider you may not know everything you are getting. Being transparent and continuing to provide and increase value is our goal. If you have other questions about the process, check out ou let us know.