Point of Sale to E-Commerce

Point of Sale to Magento

A POS (point of sale) system is a great way to manage your sales, multiple brick and mortar stores, product inventory and reporting. We believe that an online store shouldn’t make you sacrifice the benefits of your POS by having a second system (a website). Where possible, integrating your point of sale system in Magento will provide the benefit of selling your products online by pulling the products from the POS into Magento. When a sale is made in your e-commerce platform, we can push the sale back to your system and deduct an item from the inventory.

How Does It Work?

One major advantage of integrating your POS with your e-commerce store is you are selling your existing products with a one-time setup. If you are using a POS you already have a brick and mortar store. Integrating this with your e-commerce system allows you to sell your products with a hands-off attitude and a one-time setup charge. While many companies charge a recurring, monthly fee, we believe in a one-time setup.

Technically we need to get the data from your system and put it into Magento. Fortunately Magento has an API that allows us to add products and categories. With this information, we need to get the data from the POS. Most systems offer an automatic export that will take the products, categories and inventory and dump the details into a file. Other systems have an API that allows us to go out and grab the data.

What Systems Do We Work With?

At this point in time, we have integrated the NCR Counterpoint system by exporting the information nightly and placing it onto a server. From there we will upload it and put it into Magento. When a sale is made we can export it immediately, or batch export sales every 5 minutes, every hour or daily.

POSIM POS or Evopos is another system that we have worked with frequently. This system has a built-in connector and is a pretty easy setup but has a little extra cost from the EVO team.

LightSpeed POS or LightSpeed Cloud has been a popular choice amongst customers as well. LightSpeed is a very robust system that has great reporting and product management. Their API was recently reconstructed and we have worked with both version 1 and 2.

Finally, we have done integration with Square. We can pull products and inventory from Square and add directly into Magento. Square is a little unique because we have also built a payment module that processors your customer’s orders directly in your Square app, which sends the order data in as if you swiped the customer’s card on your own.

WordPress websites that use WooCommerce allow us to grab products as well. Since WooCommerce isn’t a POS but an online e-commerce system we will reserve it for another post. The point is we can help you out with almost any POS.