Beauty Pitch website

Recently I had the opportunity to build a website for the folks over at Egg to Apples. The website was a little unique in that it provides an entry for businesses who want to work with an investor, similar to Shark Tank®. The competition is for beauty products and ideas. While the majority of the content is on a one-page, responsive layout, the homepage pulls from various custom post types for the Panel section and the Pre Screening Judges.

The user is required to upload a video of his pitch in a form, built with Contact Form 7. The video can be up to 2 GB large, so it is chunked using Plupload and a custom plugin that inserts the Plupload video upload code into the contact form. I hope to release the plugin at some point, if its desired or I need to reuse it.

Once the video is uploaded, it is sent off to Vimeo through the API and stored there. A cron job removes the video from the server to save disk space after it is uploaded.

I’ve attached some images of the website below. Or you can view it here.



Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.06.22 PM