Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse – A Responsive Website

I have a lot of meetings at the Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse. Its walking distance from my house. Local business projects probably excite me the most because the results are there in front of you. Since I’ve been in Nashville and doing web design, I’ve lived in the Belmont / 12th South neighborhood, so when I […]

Encore Bridal – A New Magento Website

Launching a New Magento Store Going live with a new website always feels good but this one was exceptionally special. Encore Bridal is the first website I’ve launched for Proof Branding, a Nashville Design and Branding Company. After several months and inheriting a mess from the previous two developers this project started a good relationship […]

Updating the Permalinks – Fixing Your Social Sharing Count

If you’ll remember, WordPress updated its permalink structure back around version 3 or 3.1. Prior to this a lot of folks were using the /%category%/%postname%/ structure. It was really slow and caused an excess amount of queries in order to generate the pages, so WordPress began pushing for the /%postname%/ structure. This morning I had […]

I&R Partners – a Nashville WordPress Design

I&R Partners is a great example of the quick, efficient work that can be done on the WordPress platform. Needing a redesign and development in two days, I&R came together in a single weekend. Without giving up quality of code or design, I&R was a great example of how reusable code and a well-planned structure can make […]

Nashville Web Design

I’ve been asked several times, why you? There are a lot of web designers and developers around. Companies are coming out of the wood-work right not because web is such a huge marketing tool. I believe it is the best form of advertising right now. That being said, what can I provide that others do […]

Add Twitter Feed to Websites Without a Plugin

There are all kinds of plugins and code out there for posting a Twitter feed to a website. Most of them ignore that Twitter only allows 150 requests per hour. This often results in Tweets not displaying for websites that get any decent number of hits. Caching the Twitter Feed in WordPress The solution is […]

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Website?

There are several factors that go into the question ‘how much does a website cost?‘. Most graphic designers and web developers have a base price and then other factors add or decrease from this price. A Nashville web design studio that recently got bought out said this: It’s kind of like asking how much an employee […]

Adding Facebook Comments to WordPress

Recently, I had to add Facebook comments to the pages in the Blog category for Semper Fi Fund. Using Facebook comments is nice because almost all visitors will have an account. It automatically grabs their profile picture instead of having to worry about an avatar and protects from spam. Setting it up was quick, painless […]

iostudio & ioUniversity

Over the past year I have been enrolled in the ioUniversity, a Nashville-based program to encourage growth in every aspect of my field, creative, account interaction and project management. This is a four-year program which also emphasizes the four points of completing a project, which iostudio calls the four D’s: discovery, documentation, development, and deployment. I thought fit to share, as […]


Localbnd is a social discovery platform for the best in local independent music. Find, rate, and share the highest quality, most relevant, independent music within your city and geographic region. Designed by David Higdon, Localbnd’s development is based on the Launch Effect theme and includes a custom lightbox that pops up as you enter your email. It tracks […]

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