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The Case Study – Hallelujah Diet

How we helped increase the website conversion rate by over 51%

Better user engagement and sales through strategy, content, and design

The Problem

Hallelujah Diet faced several challenges:

  • Conversion rate was low and slipping
  • Online sales had been slipping year over year
  • The website content was extensive and confusing
  • Websites had different designs and weren’t cohesive
  • Info website didn’t guide people to the Shop website
  • Design didn’t reflect the quality of the brand or the products
  • Customers who weren’t ready to buy the products left and were lost sales

Our Solution

Clear Messaging
First, we helped customers understand the benefits of the Diet and get them to the right products by simplifying the content on the website.

Effective Design
Next, we redesigned the WordPress website and the Magento with our updated content to give the customer a seamless experience.

Lead Generator
Trusting a new diet and supplements plan is a lot to ask for a new customer. For those who weren’t ready, we create a health evaluation quiz and a follow-up email campaign.

The Result

  • • Over a 51% improvement in conversion rate
  • • A double-digit increase in sales percentage
  • • Thousands of new leads from the quiz
  • • A sales funnel that’s automatically creating sales
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Create the Customer Journey

The homepage clearly explains what the company is about and guides customers down the path of reading more about the Diet or buying the products. We want to guide customers to the products to help enrich their lives.

Helping Customers Find the Right Products
So, we redesigned the homepage of the WordPress website with our updated content. Our goal was to help customers find the information they need and then send them to buy the supplements.

Hallelujah Diet Homepage
hallelujah diet supplements category page design

Clear Communication Through Design

Guide Customers to the Products

The homepage clearly explains what the company is about and guides customers down the path of reading more about the Diet or buying the products.

The menu was simplified and better guides customers down the path of learning about the Diet or buying products. On the homepage, we removed extra links, added testimonials, and focused on driving customers to the right place. With updated content on the interior pages, everything is focused on getting customers on the Diet and driving to the products.

computer with graphic design
proof of concept

Lead Generator & Follow-up Sequence

For customers who aren’t ready to buy, we added a lead generator. For this project, we went with a quiz that grades the visitor’s health and offers them the product that would work best to improve their health based on their score. When the visitor takes the quiz they are entered into an automated follow-up email sequence.

We’ve tried website redesigns and marketing before without much luck but this time was different. Thomas and his team walked us through the StoryBrand marketing framework and now our website is converting better, sales are up, and we’re helping change more people’s lives.

Paul Malkmas - President of Hallelujah Diet

Paul Malkmus, CEO
Hallelujah Acres
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Cohesive Experience Between Diet & Shop Sites

Nothing is more of a turn-off or red flag for a potential customer than clicking away from the website and landing on a different looking website. The customer experience and natural flow is completely lost. Without a commitment on the part of the customer, the sale is most likely lost. To get around this, we redesigned the Magento website to match the WordPress website. When you click on the “Buy Now” button, it goes directly to the Supplements category page. However, landing on the homepage of the Shop also has a clear message and an improved design for a seamless customer journey.

hallelujah diet marketing website preview
hallelujah diet shop website preview

Improve the Conversion Rate

Everything that was done would improve the conversion rate. But it was important to make sure all of the pages were professionally designed and the content was updated so the customer wouldn’t slip away.

Since the Diet is an ongoing endeavor, we wanted to improve the Resources section of the website as well so that customers would stay engaged and continue to learn how to improve their health.website on an ipadimproved conversion rate from google analytics* a major change in Google’s algorithm resulted in less traffic and fewer transactions but better bounce rate and higher quality traffic

Hallelujah Diet resources webpage

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