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We saw a 170% improvement in leads

Gain more leads by improving the messaging, design, and user experience

The Problem

Skilled Nursing Facilities Billing Solutions:

  • Conversion rate was low and slipping
  • Design was old and out of date
  • Website content was extensive and confusing
  • Logo was inconsistent and dated
  • Appearance didn’t meet the client’s level of professionalism
  • Leads were lost if they didn’t contact the client on first visit
  • Newsletter signup offered no value

Our Solution

Clear Messaging
First we helped customers understand the benefits and value SNF could provide by updating the content with a clear and compelling message.

Effective Design
Next we redesigned the logo, website, and all marketing material to improve professionalism and keep everything consistent.

Lead Generator
Trusting a new billing provider is a lot to ask for a business. For those who weren’t ready to get the free consultation, we gave away a valuable resource in exchange for the lead’s email address.

The Result

  • Leads increased over 170%
  • New leads were nurtured over email with over a 40% open rate
  • Website traffic increased by over 20%
  • More clients received the claims they had already worked for
  • New employees were hired as the company grew

Before & After Website

collage of the snf solutions website

Get more leads by giving more value

Almost every website has a place for a newsletter. The problem is they are generally ineffective. We get bombarded with advertisements, junk mail, and boring email updates all day so the last thing we (a lead) want to do is sign up for a newsletter. SNF was doing something right because they were offering tips instead of a newsletter. But if we did want to sign up, take a look below to see how the email signup option is buried between a lot of text and other client updates.

Here we offered something of immediate, massive value instead of the vague “tips” strategy. Then we made it really clear and present, giving intentionality to it. The result was over a 170% increase in leads.

Once the potential client signs up for this valuable resource, they are placed into an automated email campaign. The lead gets 7 emails that close with an effective sales letter. That campaign has over a 40% open rate and almost a 70% click-through rate. Once that campaign is finished, the lead gets placed into SNF’s regular value-driven email update campaign to continue to receive value and realize how great SNF Solutions could be for their business.

Our leads were down so we reached out to Bennett Web Group to redesign and improve our website. After going through the process, we’ve seen a steady increase in leads and a boost to our company’s brand. You have done an amazing job!

Lana Waud of SNF Solutions

Lana Waud, President
A/R SNF Solutions
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