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Over 500 signups in one month and sales are up by 22%

Better user engagement and sales through strategy, content, and design

The Problem

Sales were down and visitors were not engaged.

  • Online sales had been slipping year over year
  • Maintenance was high because there were two websites to support: Magento and WordPress
  • Both websites had different designs and weren’t cohesive
  • The Magento store was out of date and a security risk
  • S-Anon wasn’t sure what the right move should be to fix this

Our Solution

Website Redesign
We started by putting both websites on one platform with a fresh new look. This reduced the maintenance fees and the hassle of maintaining two sites.

Clear Messaging
Next we helped create content that would help the visitor to find the meetings they needed, purchase literature, and to donate to the organization.

Improved E-Commerce
Making it easy for customers to sign up for events and download the products was a key focal point.

Get More Emails
Sign up for the blog wasn’t cutting it so we helped create a welcome packet to capture new visitors’ emails.

The Result

  • After taking the Assessment, we recommended a new website that saved tons of time and money every year
  • Moving away from Magento eliminated thousands of dollars in upgrade fees
  • S-Anon went from a 5% loss in sales to over a 22% increase
  • The welcome packet generated over 500 signups in one month

Before/after website

Info Website

S-Anon old website

Online Store

S-Anon old Magento store

New Site

Improve sales by helping more people

S-Anon wanted to increase the sales from their online store and was considering options: upgrading the store to the latest Magento, making the store look like the sanon.org website, and improving the sanon.org website. The primary goal was to understand the best and most cost-effective way to increase online sales by looking at the website, conversion optimization, the StoryBrand 7-Part Framework, and upgrading Magento.

We found the Magento store was way behind on updates and the design was ineffective at driving sales. The informational website and the store having different designs felt odd for the customer because it felt like two different websites. The design created a low trust level at the store. Like many websites, this one didn’t guide the customer down a journey. The expectation was the visitor would get there figure out what they wanted to do.

S-Anon homepage

Instead we wanted to focus on three goals:

1. Find a meeting
2. Improve the sales
3. Get more donations

S-Anon find a meeting

We discovered that visitors usually go to a meeting first, then they buy some literature to help them with the process. After a few meetings and reading some literature, the individual is more likely to donate. So we wanted to promote the meetings first and foremost, make it clear which literature products are most beneficial, and make it easy to donate.

S-Anon find a meeting

Repetition is a good thing. Studies show people need to be told 8 times before they get it. By repeating the “Find a Meeting” call to action down the page, we are able to meet a visitor where they are and when a section of the page speaks to them we’re there.

New victims are hesitant to go to a meeting. It’s understandable. We wanted to offer a way to help them learn more about the organization, understand how they are a victim, and get their email so we could offer valuable content and literature. This worked out well and we captured over 500 emails in the first month.

S-Anon Welcome Packet

We thought we knew what to do with our marketing until we took the assessment. We were going to spend a bunch of money rebuilding our website and store. The assessment put us in the right direction. Our sales were down but since making the recommended updates, our sales are up 22%!

Lindsay White, Executive Director
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