Earth Savers Case Study

Focus on Business Growth through Lead Generation


We began working with website and marketing efforts in May of 2020 with initial development to their sales landing page and continued improvements throughout the next three years to include a customer portal for residential and business recycling services.

When we began working with the client, customer information was unevenly distributed in multiple places requiring a substantial amount of administrative work for the client to maintain. This also limited the customer’s ability to pay their invoices and ask for help.

We originally launched a new sales page with improved design and new messaging and later launched their customer portal to streamline the client’s administrative needs and customer experience. The objective was to help Earth Savers grow their business by generating more leads while ensuring their customer database worked for clients and customers on the front and back-end of the site. Through our efforts, we established a clear plan to increase their leads and conversions from the website and enhance the user experience through their customer portal.

EarthSavers faced the challenge of acquiring more leads and establishing a landing page for business recycling. We focused on enhancing conversions by refining the company message to address this. We attracted high-quality leads through targeted advertising on Google, established credibility with a polished and SEO-friendly website, improved search visibility using Google My Business and local search listing optimization, minimized risk through quarterly review and optimization sessions, and implemented an email and follow-up campaign to generate referrals.

The graphic above shows a substantial increase in users and page views. The current bounce rate of 11.95% is a notably positive compared to the average website. According to HubSpot, the average bounce rate for most websites is anywhere from 26% to 70%. EarthSavers is in a great position to land new customers and keep recurring revenue trending upward.

Next, we show an increase in overall traffic acquisition with more organic traffic than their paid search traffic.

This graphic displays a notable increase in conversions from the first half of 2023 to the second half. The customer portal was in part responsible for this increase as it helped retain customers acquired by the website improvements. Additionally, a concentrated effort through their sales funnel and paid advertising showed a marked improvement in overall conversions.

Website conversion improvements were one of the overall goals. The user submission of the required form for services which is attributed to sales went up by over 800% over six months.

Their Google Ad campaigns also demonstrate a continued increase in conversions month over month going into April of 2024.

Focus on Business Growth through Lead Generation

The Problem

  • No Sales Funnel to capture leads and turn them into customers with recurring service subscriptions
  • No ongoing ad campaign to advertise recycling services to residential and business customers
  • The client’s customers were scattered across multiple platforms (Freshbooks, Freshdesk, website), leading to fragmented customer information.
  • User account information was spread across various platforms (Freshbooks, QBO, Freshdesk, website), causing inefficiency in managing accounts.
  • The client handled multiple payment methods (credit card, ACH, checks) through different systems.
  • Difficulties stemmed from clients and customers in ticketing, invoicing, and seeking support due to fragmented platforms.

Our Solution

  • Crafted a compelling company message to resonate with target customers and address their needs effectively.
  • Developed a sales landing page aligned with the refined message to streamline the purchasing process for businesses.
  • Showcased customer testimonials by asking specific questions that highlight transformation, fostering trust among potential clients.
  • Implemented optimized Google advertising campaigns to attract purchase-ready leads, directing them to a targeted landing page for higher conversion rates.
  • Designed a professional and search-friendly website to establish credibility and trust with online visitors, ensuring user-friendliness and search engine visibility.
  • Enhanced search results through local search listing optimization, maximizing visibility on Google and Google Maps to attract new customers.
  • Mitigated risk through quarterly review and optimization sessions, addressing business struggles and fine-tuning website and marketing strategies.
  • Implemented an email and follow-up campaign to systematically generate referrals from satisfied customers, ensuring consistent business growth.
  • Migrated credit card information from WePay to Stripe to streamline payment processing.
  • Developed a customer portal for an improved user experience

The Result

  • New sales landing page with increased conversion rates of 22% in the last 90 days (Jan-Apr 2024 vs Oct-Dec 2023)
  • Increased website traffic by 36% in the last 90s days (Jan-Apr 2024 vs Oct-Dec 2023)
  • Migrated data from Freshbooks, Freshdesk, Quickbooks, and Email into one portal located on the website
  • Payment forms were brought into one system for automatic recurring payments without the need for the customer to hire more administrative staff
  • The customer portal provided a streamlined user experience by bringing information from six portals into one for the client and their customer
  • Provided a monthly marketing report with established metrics for ongoing success through Google Ads
  • Ad Campaign has had a successful conversion rate of 14.35% as of April 2024 with a steady increase month over month

More than meets the eye

Built to scale around the client’s workflow

The design of the website doesn’t always tell the whole story. Businesses often have a need to integrate their website with their retail workflow. This website fell into that category and had a few customizations like:

  • Supports multiple storefronts
  • Syncs orders to the Point of Sale system
  • Handles delivery date options based on capacity
  • Talks to third-party email marketing services
  • Friendly for the administrators to make updates
computer with graphic design
Earth Savers

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