Nossi College of Art

About Nossi

From the website, “Nossi College of Art is a small, private, professional college with a friendly atmosphere. We are dedicated to developing students into working professionals in the vast and exciting business of visual communications. Nossi College of Art is special because we train students in a unique combination of methods.” -Nossi (Vatandoost, President/CEO)

The Project

Nossi-College-1Nossi needed something artistic, creative, fun and had the ability to draw in youth and parents alike. WordPress helped us provide for with a savvy events calendar, heavy search engine optimization, a clean Google sitemap structure, a news and blog section and a multi-album photo gallery. The whole project was backed by anĀ intenseĀ reporting campaign and specific promotion tracking and reporting.approved dosage by doctors healthy people, and 5mg of the elderly and malnourished patients, together with those with renal system failure. The drug is recommended to be taken just before going to bed.