IM4U Blog

About IM4U

IM4U is an entity of Uncle Jim Productions. Uncle Jim, aka Jim Mayer of the Coral Reefers, is a children’s artists. Jim plays all over the world as both Uncle Jim and with international sensation Jimmy Buffett.

The Project

The website’s focus is the blog. It is a category-driven piece with archives of previous posts. It has several custom features, including popular posts, which are determined by pageviews and comments. This project uses the Disqus commenting system, allowing users to quickly connect and interact by using their Facebook or Twitter accounts for a quick response. The website is optimized for SEO purposes and includes a reporting package to determine positive posts and results.suggested dose by doctors fit people, and 5mg of seniors and malnourished people, as well as people with liver failure. The tablet is recommended to be taken get codeine store just before bedtime.