Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse – A Responsive Website

I have a lot of meetings at the Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse. Its walking distance from my house. Local business projects probably excite me the most because the results are there in front of you. Since I’ve been in Nashville and doing web design, I’ve lived in the Belmont / 12th South neighborhood, so when I got the opportunity to work on the Frothy Monkey website, it was exciting.


Responsive Development with Foundation

This project has some cool things in it. I’ve been using the CSS framework, Foundation, with Compass, for a while now and was able to make this website responsive. Overall, the responsive breakpoints are pretty simplistic but with each breakpoint, the website is designer to only get cleaner and stay easy to use. I wanted to make sure none of the text or buttons would be too small to use on the mobile phone and the user could have a good experience.


FoxyCart – An Easy Way to Shop

A store was necessary in order to sell merchandise. Frothy Monkey didn’t need anything too elaborate or¬†immaculate¬†since there were not going to be a ton of products. Something clean and easy to get in and out of was ideal. FoxyCart was a great, cost-effective solution. The user would be able to stay directly on the page, have the cart and checkout open up in a lightbox, and quickly and cleanly follow through the checkout process.

The cart will keep up with transaction and sales reports, order status levels and much more.

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