We’ve been asked if our clients should upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2. It can be scary and overwhelming to introduce new technology, especially when your online sales depend on it. We get it. That’s why we want to talk about some of the benefits of Magento 2 to help you determine if moving to Magento 2 is right for your company.

1) Magento 2 is about 50% faster for your customer and 117% faster for the admins.

A faster Magento means:

  • better SEO — website speed matters to Google
  • a faster storefront — speed matters to your customers
  • you can update products faster — a revamped admin UI makes this so much faster
  • on larger stores indexing product URLs, pricing, and searching will be much faster and easier

2) No more problems with multiple admins using Magento at the same time.

Improvements in Magento 2 will fix those pesky timeouts when updating your products and trying to reindex your data.

3) The revamped checkout process reduces the amount of steps from 6 to 2.

Studies show that reducing the steps and simplifying the checkout process can improve the checkout conversion rate by almost 36%! Additionally, Magento has made is relatively easy to add another step to your checkout, if this provides clarity for your customers.

4) Upgrading security and features is a lot easier.

This will save you money and give you new features to help you make more money while maximizing your store’s features. Magento 2 has gotten on board with the rest of the development community and is using Composer, PHP’s package manager to handle its dependencies.

5) The infamous one-click checkout feature.

With the Braintree Vault checkout feature, your customers can check out in one click (which has made Amazon a ton of money over the years).

6) Improved reports to get you the data you need to grow.

We know the reports in Magento 1 weren’t very good. With version 2, you have a lot more reporting features and reliable data. Additionally, improved indexing has made creating custom reports quite a bit easier.

7) Creating products and versions is much easier.

Creating configurable products and adding attributes was kind of a pain in Magento 1. Now, instead of going through all the attributes, assigning them to a set, creating the configurable options, then assigning your products you can do it all in one page as you create your product. This new admin interface will make adding products 4x faster.

8) Design and edit your content pages easily and with more flexibly using the drag and drop capabilities.

While this is only in Enterprise, it is a sign that Magento will continue to work on improving the CMS capabilities and user-friendliness.