About 4walls

With clients like Ohio State University, McDonald’s and Google’s headquarters, 4walls is widely regarded as a top independent design studio in the wallcoverings industry. Combining years of creative expertise with the latest advancements in digital print technology, we provide superior digitally printed wallcoverings on a wide range of surfaces and materials to both the commercial and residential markets.

Read more about 4walls here and see their list of clientele here.

The Project

A custom Magento solution was a perfect fit for 4walls. The very specific requirements put Magento out of the box a bit, but it was the perfect solution, none-the-less. To illustrate, a few of the custom requirements are listed.

4walls Interior Themes page

  • Registrations inactive until approved
  • User-groups with multilevel discount
  • Customized account form
  • Completely customized individual product page
  • Visible discount details
  • Custom image sizes
  • Gallery image display and label options

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