Latest Updates

  • API for PDF Generation

    Recently I had the opportunity to work on a cool project for Performance Associates, a company who constructs character tests for companies and schools. The project requirement was a third party would send me data and I would need to place it into a PDF, specifically designed for multiple clients. I used Symfony2 to create […]

  • New Website Launch

    They say the shoe maker’s children have no shoes. I’m happy to say mine finally have shoes. I’m happy to launch the new website. Take a look around, see our new clients and then let’s get started on yours!

  • Luke Bryan SlickText API

    SlickText API – PHP REST API I recently had the opportunity to work with Capital Records to create a one-month promotion for Luke Bryan’s new album. The concept was national sororities can send in a text message to a number and the sorority with the most votes has the opportunity to be selected for a […]

  • Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse – A Responsive Website

    I have a lot of meetings at the Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse. Its walking distance from my house. Local business projects probably excite me the most because the results are there in front of you. Since I’ve been in Nashville and doing web design, I’ve lived in the Belmont / 12th South neighborhood, so when I […]

  • Encore Bridal – A New Magento Website

    Launching a New Magento Store Going live with a new website always feels good but this one was exceptionally special. Encore Bridal is the first website I’ve launched for Proof Branding, a Nashville Design and Branding Company. After several months and inheriting a mess from the previous two developers this project started a good relationship […]

  • Daily’s

    About Daily’s Daily’s is a Nashvilled-based, locally owned and operated convenience store with over 90 locations. To emphasize the positives of local, Daily’s has partnered several companies like Coke, Nashville Shores, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and Harley Davidson to offer flood relief, great promotions that benefit charities such as Our Kids and We Are Nashville. The […]

  • Updating the Permalinks – Fixing Your Social Sharing Count

    If you’ll remember, WordPress updated its permalink structure back around version 3 or 3.1. Prior to this a lot of folks were using the /%category%/%postname%/ structure. It was really slow and caused an excess amount of queries in order to generate the pages, so WordPress began pushing for the /%postname%/ structure. This morning I had […]

  • Best Warrior Competition

    New website launch! Best Warrior Competition is a competition of the National Guard’s toughest warriors. Five days in the grueling heat of Georgia with physical and mental fitness tests are only the beginning. I’ve recently had the privilege of helping the Guard out with this promotion. Take a look at some of the screen grabs and you’ll notice some […]

  • Knowing When to Use Magento Local.xml

    The Truth About Local.xml When I first began working with Magento, I began some heavy Googling and learned about controlling the Magento layout through the local.xml file. I read plenty of articles that you’ve probably seen out there on the web about how you can do all these magic things through this file. In fact, you can […]

  • Upgrading Magento

    Upgrading Magento seems like a daunting task, but it has proved to be a relatively easy one. There are a couple of blog entries out there that speak about it and give some details, but I wanted to walk through how I’ve done it successfully several times now. I strongly recommend doing this locally and testing before […]